Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, much thought goes into designing a room….IMG_0065

For this Westchester client the initial decisions were even harder because the room started out as a well designed space for the previous homeowner.The woodwork, wallpapered ceiling, hand painted red walls, and plaid window treatments were in very good condition, but a bit dated and not reflective of the tastes of our young, active family of four.

Much discussion went into what would be kept and what would change.  In the end we decided it needed to represent the new owners of the home and we have never looked back.

We started with the extensive woodwork, which was originally painted yellow.  Doreen O’Connor of Wildflowers faux wood grained the ceiling beams and fireplace in a rich brown so it looks like mahogany.  We then designed a stencil to mimic a motif found in one of the fabrics, which we used to paint the inside of each coffer of the ceiling.  This was no easy task considering the ceilings were 12′ high, but luckily Doreen and her assistant are not afraid of heights.

This mirror over the newly painted mantel was chosen for its size and drama.  The large scale of the urns sets off the mirror nicely while not calling too much attention to themselves.

A green marble fireplace surround, probably installed in the 80’s, was replaced with a soft grayish blue stone which we had used elsewhere in the house for continuity. This is reminiscent of the blue stone found throughout the property.

The sofas were chosen for their high backs, and though they ended up taking 9 months to arrive ( don’t ask) they were worth the looong wait. A pair of ottomans adds extra seating and pattern to the room, while also being a favorite perching place for the family cat.


This drapery fabric is a rich embroidered silk from the UK. Penny Howell, our drapery goddess, lined and interlined the delicate fabric which added volume to the panels for the extra tall windows. All the colors of the room were pulled from this fabric as it was our starting off point, along with being our splurge.

This cabinet brought a bit of playfulness to the room. Our family didn’t want a formal living room, so we thought this piece added a bit of playfulness to the room. photo2

At one end of the room we have a game table, which works well for entertaining, creating another area to sit and chat while having a place to rest food and drink. It also provides the family with a place to work on a puzzle or just sit with a cup of tea and the morning paper.

Staszek Kotowski, one of our favorite artists who happens to come from a long line of artists, painted this calming work of art. It’s size works well on the large wall.

(More pictures to follow)

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