Art…the most important finishing touch to a room

I love how art can compliment and complete a room, how a painting can pull seemingly separate pieces of furniture and accessories together to make one amazing space. Art can complete a space and really make it feel like a home. Whether an accessory, finishing touch or starting off point, art can be the most important piece in a space.

Some of my favorite examples from houzz:


I feel artists look at the world with a different eye. I hope to count myself as one of them. From a young age I would notice things….small things…simple every day things that others might not notice, might just walk right by. Now there are plenty of things that I don’t notice that I should, like, for example, on my computer screen, or maybe the dashboard on my car..which might sometimes include the speedometer or gas gauge. But then I might notice the smallest detail in the garden or a rock formation, or the way the wind blew and touched my cheek…or an architectural detail on a building that is in such a spot or at such a height on a building that I can’t believe the effort that went into making it, only for those of us to see who are willing to notice. But again, what we see or think we see is very subjective. Is it beautiful? Does noticing something or being surrounded by certain things enhance your life? Many times it is the placement of something that makes it beautiful, and sometimes it is the time in your life that you notice it that makes a thing beautiful.

Art surely enhances my life and enhances my home. I have several pieces of art in my home that bring me pleasure. Two of these are by Andrew Lattimore. You may recognize his name as the artist who painted Governor Pataki’s portrait, but I met him years earlier through Wendy Garber at the Flat Iron Gallery in Peekskill. As a gift to me, my darling husband asked Andrew to paint the view of the Hudson River from Verplanck, the small town where I grew up.


Being  the romantic that he is, he also surprised me one Christmas with another of Andrew’s paintings…this time, again of my beloved Hudson, but from the vantage point at Perkins Drive above Bear Mountain…a place I like to hike to when feeling energetic. photo 4 Some years ago the gilded frame started to peel, I thought briefly about having it repaired,  but then felt it added to its charm. Nothing is perfect, but there can still be beauty in a piece worn around the edges, and in fact, I think it adds more character, just as in real life.

I have another painting of the mighty Hudson, I think, of Little Stony Point in Cold Spring.  I’m sorry to say I did not meet this artist, but bought the painting from Marie at Images gallery in Briarcliff. I would say meeting Marie is the next best thing to meeting the artist himself as she, like Wendy, has so much enthusiasm and love for art. The painting was a splurge at the time. We were young, with four young boys. But it spoke to me and has brought me many moments of pleasure. When we bought the painting I did not know the location it was painted from, but one day while on a solitary hike in Cold Spring I came to a spot that I was sure was the exact spot the artist must have painted “my” painting from.  That was a very good day! photo 2 I also collect other types of art…I found this charcoal sketch at an art and antique show some years ago and just loved the simple but strong strokes the artist used…I felt it romantic that this piece, just a sketch done years ago somewhere in Europe now has a place of honor in my home. photo 3 When thinking about my art, I can’t not mention my friend Doreen O’ Connor and her work, which is also in my home…actually on my home…or more accurately, painted right on the walls of my home. She is a decorative painter and has collaborated with me on many projects over the years. Many moons ago, when my four boys were small, I asked Doreen to paint a few quotes on their bathroom wall. The bathroom would be both the first and last room they would use each day and I wanted to make some kind of impact that I hoped might build strong character. I can remember thinking about each quote..wanting something that might just be remembered in the back of one’s mind now and again. Now, years later, I think my investment in art has paid off, as I’m very proud of the men my boys have become.

As you may know from an earlier blog, I really like Staszek Kotowski’s work. It’s peaceful and dreamy and zen-like. I like how his work lives well in a space. It adds to a place without demanding attention. You notice his work, but it allows you to look away at what else is happening in the space and then draws you back in. When I’m looking for a piece, any piece, whether it be furniture, art, or fabric for a room, that is what I want from it…to be present like a good friend, but not demanding of your time…which is why you can’t resist coming back again and again to spend time with it.


Lifestyles and Interior by Lisa

We are having an exhibit, showcasing Staszek’s work, along with two other artists’ whose work I appreciate..not in a gallery of all white space, though that would be lovely too, but in our shop’s space. You are all invited. Come see how well their artwork, mixes with furnishings and the trappings of everyday life. See how art can change your day, or the way you think of your day.

Art by April De Marco,StaszekKotowski & Sandra ShapiroThey say art is not what you see, but what you make others see. So come see. See what you see.

1 thought on “Art…the most important finishing touch to a room

  1. That was an outstanding and beautiful blog on Art. You skillfully hit so many of the facets of art and tied in the emotional reaction that so many people feel generally towards art.

    Thank you. It was like being on a mini vacation. I enjoyed it immensely.

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