Come on in…

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One’s entry is the welcome center of a home.  It’s where you greet your guests and it’s the space that welcomes you home each day. As you walk in the door this space should give you an “ahhh” moment.

Your home’s story begins here.

The colors, textures and style of what’s in the adjoining rooms should be present to not only give a hint of what lies beyond, but also be the starting point for a cohesive look throughout your home.

An ideal setting would have space for both a console and a bench.

The console is a place for objets d’art to tell your story and show your style.

It’s also a spot to celebrate the season, occasion, or just make you smile.

When arranging and choosing your accessories keep in mind the art of display…
Have pieces of various heights.

Balance out your display with symmetry;
or groupings of visually perceived similar weights on either side. 

Choose pieces with different textures. 
And don’t underestimate what fresh flowers can do to brighten a space.

Above your console is the perfect place for a mirror or collection of mirrors to not only add height to the space, but also for a last minute peek before leaving home or greeting your guests.

Artwork is a way to bring in color and pattern.

The bench is a space to take off shoes, of course, but also adds a bit of texture, softness and pattern to a space that might otherwise have all hard surfaces.



This room is also the transition space…Does it need a place for shoes…store a supply of slippers for guest?  How nice! 
Baskets, bins or drawers just the place for gloves, keys and mail oh my! 7c8594583b6c10d28146c287a691132dc7fb3acb069bcc7719049521042666e4

83818b7316c3cfca0651ee441285e217One’s foyer. We greet, gather and say farewell. A small space that says so much…

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