The Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it also takes a village to create the magic that happens when an ordinary house gets turned into the home of your dreams.
You see me at every meeting as we pour through magazines and look-books for inspiration.

But who you don’t often see are the people who help turn our ideas into a reality.
Interior design is a process.

Linda at work ordering fabrics...

Linda at work ordering fabrics…


Amandio, setting a new countertop

Doreen painting a playhouse

The process of design starts with an idea and grows as its tweaked and thought through again and again. Along the way, as each decision is made, a new member of the village may be added to your project.

As passionate as I am about getting your job just right, they too care just as much. They take late night and weekend calls from me, lug around the heavy stuff, hammer and nail away like little elves, performing the miracle that it sometimes seems to take to get a piece of fabric to become a headboard,


Fernando at work upholstering..

a drapery to hang just right,

Penny at work in the Ritz Carlton Penthouse...

Penny at work in the Ritz Carlton Penthouse…

a large sofa to fit in a little elevator

or a piece of wood to become your cabinet or bookcase.


Jeff and Steve install a headboard…

Most importantly, they speak my language, not English, but my design language that we have developed together over the years. If I say taupe, they know the shade. If I say add a crown , they know the size.  But mostly, they will show up when they say they will. What the village  members don’t always get to see, however, is the finished product. They see their finished product, but they hardly ever get to see how their piece connects to the whole.  At Riverhouse, we are having an open house for the whole team to come and see a finished “home.” We hope you will join us too. Come meet your behind-the-scenes team. You might have one of their paintings in your home, or be sitting on one of their chairs right now. Come join all of us for some wine and cheese and see Westchester Magazine’s Riverhouse on May 28 th and see what “we” put together!_DSC9106

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