What’s NEW, What’s NEXT 2013

 Happy Fifth Anniversary to the What’s New, What’s Next trade event at 200 Lex., (the oldest “to the trade” building in the US).


What an exciting night last Thursday was!  Music, food, feasts for the eyes in every showroom.  And to be among so many style and tastemakers!

Bunny Williams, Mario Buatta, Alexa Hampton and
Vicente Wolf (my all time fave!). The list of who’s who goes on and on!


So what did the tastemakers have to say?
They are continuing to be in love with color. We haven’t seen so much color since the 60’s,blog5
which is interesting as we are also enjoying mid-century modern pieces once again to go with all this color.

Colorful panel discussions by the tastemakers had varying opinions about which colors they (and we) would be surrounding ourselves with over the next few seasons….
bright bold colors with a historical reference like red and strong yellow.  Or would the soft whisper of a color like lavender be more popular?
The take away is – anything goes, just surround yourself with what you love.


It seems funny enough, that what’s new and what’s next is really a lot about what’s old and what was, maybe a new kind of old, with each of us putting our individual stamp on what we nostalgically  remember from the good old days.

Following a historical timeline, we seem to be shifting away a bit from the industrial age of machinery on to a more organic hand-crafted period.

As we seem to want less and less around us, what we do want has to be more gentle in a sophisticated kind of way.  We understand the beauty in the hand of craftsmanship coming through in a piece.blog10
With travels and our broader vision of the world around us, we continue to want to surround ourselves with pieces from far-reaching places in the world.blog11
Some amazing craftsmanship in Odegard..lanterns..sinks and tables cast in gold.blog9blog15

I ended my magical evening at Global Views….surrounded by beauty….

blog16decisions, decisions…will I be able to pick just a few? Our story will continue….