To Market To Market We Go!

photo-4Just got back from Market…not the market, mind you. Like a celebrity known to all by just a first name, when Market is discussed in the interior design world it is understood that the subject is The High Point Furniture Market. Held but twice a year in North Carolina, it is marked on calendars six months in advance by the who’s who of the design world. It is the Milan and fashion runway of the interior design world, and no one wants to miss it.

What a whirlwind….exciting, exhausting, fabulous, exhausting, inspiring, amazing…oh and did I say exhausting? But it was and is always great!
Most important thing to know about your first trip,…wear comfortable shoes!

My Cole Haan blue suede shoes did the trick!

My Cole Haan blue suede shoes did the trick!

As one might guess, it’s all about the visual, what’s new, what’s old but new again, what color is hot, how patterns are being mixed….

Color was all around town, especially orange:photo-27



Of course. we still love our grays, and why not? They pair so well with everything,



A beloved neutral, especially wonderful as a wood finish.


But look out gray, because inky blue is here to stay;


Every color of the rainbow was shown in this market. There were pops of bright color, soft pastels,  patterns, interesting finishes….

photo-30photo-9 Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year was out and about…seen on fabric, pillows, art, and as a background.

photo-18 photo-31photo-33

As if on cue, even the trees at Market were blooming with orchid,


Loooved, loved, loved Mr. Brown and Julian Chichester’s showrooms. We even met the master himself who styled both places…couldn’t resist giving him an actual bow. After all, I had goose bumps walking around their showrooms.

mr. borwn

Also goose bump worthy was this vignette at French Market;

photo-6 Love the backdrop…they sure put together a feast for the eyes. The hue of the pillows pulled the colors right out of the vintage panels.

Looove Mary McDonald’s pieces and showroom for Guy Chaddock….she too is a master and good thing she wasn’t there when we walked through as I might have spontaneously curtsied…it was just that good.

photo 1-1

photo-35 photo-34

and these books…I don’t have to say how I feel about them, they speak for themselves!


books2Now what else are you going to do with books if you read everything on the ipad? Nice to reinvent oneself.

Global Views always has a feast for the eyes….


and they give out good drinks (and food) too!


Lisa & Annie were here!

Arteriors had it going on!


Jaipur has amazing rugs. This one I could get lost in:


Lots to choose from when you need just the right one

photo-41 photo-42

And I hear good things about the company too. They not only design and supply beautiful rugs, but care for the artisans who create them. Makes you feel good to know…..

Lots of ottomans , benches and poofs…..this little number might just find its way into a project we are working on….more to come on that…


Geometric patterns are everywhere;

But at some point a gal just has to get home. One can experience just so much visual pleasure, and the feet can walk only so far…