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Our last post was about our “village,” a look behind the scenes of some of the artisans who help make a house your home. For a look at one of our finished projects, check out Jenn Adrick’s article on the apartment we created for Westchester Magazine’s latest Dream Home. We hope you got to see it in person, but take a peek if you missed it….

Create The Perfect Living Spaces For Him, Her, and Them. The new apartments at The River House at Hudson Harbor in Tarrytown got the royal treatment from four designers who created spaces for him, her, and a couple of couples.

For Him
Designer: Lisa McTernan
Lifestyles and Interiors by Lisa, Croton-on-Hudson

In this first apartment, Lisa McTernan transformed a blank canvas into a rustic, manly space just right for a single guy who loves the outdoors. Here, she shares how you can get a similar look in your own home and some tricks she used to overcome design challenges we all face at one time or another.

Start with color.

“When I viewed the space and saw the stone walls outside, I decided that would be my color scheme,” McTernan says. “The master is monochromatic. I wanted to keep it simple-serene yet masculine-so variations of the same color felt like the right direction.”

Add layers and textures.

“The [herringbone] wallpaper [in the bedroom] added another layer and the texture I was looking for,” McTernan says. When you work in a monochromatic color scheme, you need to find other ways of making a space interesting, so she used texture and repeating patterns throughout the bedroom: in rug and geometric
pattern on the dressers.

Put a bar in an unexpected place.

“I wanted to do something a little different to make the room stand out as an office,” McTernan says of the bar in the closet. “I figured my mister didn’t really need another closet, but since he likes to drink, why not?” As long as you have enough depth to house a built-in, undercounter refrigerator, you can add something like this in any closet, according to McTernan. Have an electrician add an outlet, choose an interesting countertop (McTernan used reclaimed wood), and fill it with favorites everyone will enjoy.

Add embellishments.

McTernan added moldings to the walls in the office for dimension and interest. “Whether you use moldings, a bookcase, or panel work,” McTernan says, “I think [woodwork] adds another layer, as well as adds character, so the room is more than a box.”

To see the other spaces created in this dream home, click here

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